hispanic heritage month

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    Hilbert Morales EL OBSERVADOR Just prior to this 2017 Hispanic Heritage Month EO’s Managing Editor, Arturo Hilario, assigned me the challenge of writing four opinion editorials (Op-Ed) which dealt with issues experienced by Hispanics, defined as Chicanos, Latinos, and Mexican-Americans as communities or individuals. I have already written two...
  • Francisco Jiménez is an advocate for social justice, as well as being an accomplished author and
educator. Photo Courtesy: Jazmine Turner Photography

    A Migrant’s Life: Francisco Jiménez

    Arturo Hilario El Observador After retiring in 2015, Francisco Jiménez became Professor Emeritus of Modern Languages and Literatures at Santa Clara University, and even got to keep his office which has served as a home base for the writer since he began teaching there in the 1970’s. Kenna Hall,...