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  • While global warming didn't cause Hurricane Harvey, it certainly made it worse. Photo Credit: Texas.713, FlickrCC

    Was Hurricane Harvey caused by global warming?

    Roddy Scheer & Doug Moss EarthTalk The short answer is no. No single hurricane or weather event can be directly linked to the general phenomena known as climate change. “Climate change does not cause things, because climate change is not a causal agent,” writes David Roberts on “‘Climate...
  • Global warming could claim polar bears as a casualty within a century and has already forced the Golden Toad, Bramble Cay Melomy and other wildlife species into extinction. Credit: Flickrfavorites, FlickrCC.

    Earth Talk

    Roddy Scheer & Doug Moss /EarthTalk Global warming is definitely already taking its toll on wildlife around the world. Rising temperatures are changing weather and vegetation patterns from pole to pole, forcing animals of just about every stripe to migrate to new areas in order to survive. But not...
  • earth first

    Earth First!?

    Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss /EarthTalk Car bomb injuries, prison terms, and death were among the perils protestors with the Earth First! (EF!) movement faced throughout the 1990s. EF! formed in 1979, in response to what they called an increasingly corporate, compromising and ineffective environmental community. Throughout the 1980s and...