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    Will Congress Kill Facebook and the Rest of the Internet?

    Shelly Palmer  Fake news, fake ads, fake accounts, bots, Russians interfering with our elections … suddenly, people are waking up to the idea that the Internet is a highly chaotic, ungoverned meta-world with practically no regulation. This awakening is long overdue. Facebook Under Attack Congress wants answers. It’s caveat...
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    The President of the Internet

    Shelly Palmer What, exactly, did Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other tech giants do to empower or enable bad actors (foreign governments, radical organizations, Russians) to influence the outcome of the 2016 elections? How did it happen? Who is to blame? How can we prevent it from happening again? Congress...
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    Breaking News: Facebook Ads Work

    Shelly Palmer Facebook is under scrutiny for (among other things) allegedly selling political ads to the Russians, allowing people to set up fake accounts, and not properly monitoring the content posted by “fake” profiles. Wait. What? The Meta-Country of Facebook With a population of over 2 billion registered users,...
  • Boost Your Business with Facebook
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    Calendar 9.22

    Downtown Farmers’ Market Friday September 22, 2017 / 10am San Pedro Square 87 N San Pedro St San Jose, CA Free Summer Activities in St. James Park Friday September 22, 2017 / 12pm St James Park N 2nd St San jose, CA Free Fountain Alley Fridays Friday September 22,...
  • Observers say Facebook's plan to fact check news raises the possibility of human error and curbing free speech. Photo Credit: Master OSM 2011

    Facebook to Curate News: Good Effort or Flawed Proposition?

    Logan Pollard California News Service  MENLO PARK, Calif. – Silicon Valley giant Facebook has outlined plans to use third-party fact checkers to vet some of its news content. Facebook has come under pressure from users on both the left and right, decrying its use of data collection and charging...
  • Facebook is killing Clickbait

    Facebook Is Killing Clickbait

    Shelly Palmer  Much has been written about why and how Facebook is killing clickbait and what effect that might have on publishers, agencies and marketers. But to truly understand the impact of this newly updated anti-clickbait algorithm, you need to consider a few other recent Facebook policy changes that,...
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    Social Media And Violence

    Arturo Hilario El Observador If Martin Luther King Jr. had access to the tech we have now, how would he use it as a tool to help Civil Rights Movement? How about going back to the 1930’s and the rise of Adolf Hitler? Technology has allowed us to travel...
  • A win in federal court for consumers, say advocates of net neutrality. (Greg Stotelmyer)

    Federal Court Backs FCC’s

    Greg Stotelmyer / California News Service WHITESBURG, Ky. – A federal court has upheld the Federal Communication Commission’s decision to treat the Internet like a utility – a victory for consumers say advocates of net neutrality. The 2-to-1 ruling came Tuesday from the U.S. Court of Appeals for Washington, D.C....
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    New TV Series:

    San Jose / CALIFORNIA The Santa Clara County Office of Education has launched a new monthly television series, hosted by Jon R. Gundry, County Superintendent of Schools, to help inform the local community about the latest happenings in K-12 education. Spotlight on SCCOE features Superintendent Gundry and different guests each month discussing...