Most anticipated games: E3 2016

Eduardo Hilario / El Observador With June already here, one of the biggest gaming events is around the corner, E3, the Electronics Entertainment Expo. Gaming companies, big and small, converge...

Eduardo Hilario / El Observador

With June already here, one of the biggest gaming events is around the corner, E3, the Electronics Entertainment Expo. Gaming companies, big and small, converge in LA to show off their latest games, consoles, and new tech for the future of the gaming experience. Speculation of what companies will show is flooding the internet. From, a new “Elder Scrolls” to a possible new game from Valve, there’s no telling what we’ll see. Here’s a few popular games which may end up being announced this June at E3 2016.

With a pretty good track record, Bethesda Softworks, Creators of “Elder Scrolls”, the more recent “Fallout” games, and the latest “DOOM”, fans can’t wait to see what they’ll announce at their press conference. A whole lot of speculation has gone around, but most of the internet is unanimous in saying that the next game coming from Bethesda is the sixth installment of the “Elder Scrolls” series. It has no official title, but with the success of “Fallout 4”, and recently “DOOM”, it seems highly likely that the next game would be something the fans have been pining for since 2011.

A major company that doesn’t seem to be very prominent in recent years is Valve, makers of such classics as “Half Life” 1 & 2, “Portal”, “Team Fortress”, “Left 4 Dead”, etc. Word on the net is that they will be announcing a new addition to the ”Left 4 Dead” series, ”Left 4 Dead 3”. Anything from Valve would be met with cheers all across the world, especially ”Half Life 3”. The internet has spoken and let’s hope Valve is listening and cooking up something amazing.

One of my personal anticipated games, and one of the more unique looking games coming out for the Xbox one is ”CupHead”, the 30’s style platformer/ boss rush game by Studio MDHR, an indie company based in Canada. This game has been teased since E3 2015 and a few month before that. The reason for that being is that this game has a style paying homage to classic Disney cartoons from the 1920’s/30’s and promises to have tons of bosses and generally be extremely difficult, in a fun way. With an industry very saturated with modern/futuristic shooter, CupHead is a breath of fresh air that I’m sure lots of gamers will enjoy.

Many people are hoping that this year’s E3 is as good as last year, hopefully better. With all the games rumored, additional gameplay of games that have already been announced and all the new tech, like Virtual Reality, E3 is starting off strong and it’s still a week away. As an avid gamer, I’m super excited for all the new gaming related stuff being showed and coming out this year. And just like me, gamers all over won’t have to wait too long to know what the future of gaming and entertainment holds.



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